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Nurses are the unsung heroes who bring light where darkness treads, and comfort to those in need.

~ Anita Stewart, RN


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In a story titled, “An Unexpected Awakening,” Anita recounts the tragic accident that led her on a spiritual journey to a place of utter peace, unshakable faith, and a life filled with grace and wonder. The awakening returned her to a place of innocence amidst the mysteries of spirit and consciousness. Any reader that has overcome adversity will resonate with her message.

Anita says,

As one becomes receptive to a grace deeper than the mind, extending to the heart, one moves into the boundless heart of being—where one discovers we “are” that which we seek.

Services by Bridges of the Heart

Intuitive Readings

Providing insight and energetic healing through an hour long phone or Skype reading session.

Energetic Healing

Private one-on-one sessions of healing and centering to help build, or mend, your Bridges.

Intensive Sessions

Fully immersive half- and full-day intensive sessions to dive deep into core issues, bridges, and energies.


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