A Return to Innocence

Do you remember when you were a child and everything was an adventure? When you called out, “Mommie, mommie, look at me, look what I can do”. When you were so full of yourself, enraptured by life, no cares, just playing. What would your life feel like if you could recapture that way of being?

By returning to our innocence, we can experience that feeling again. What would it take for you to find your innocence again?

As one clears old beliefs, concepts, programming, and conditioning, one gets closer to what lies at our core; our innocence. As we recognize that God is in everything and everyone we begin to open our hearts to this awareness in daily life, bringing more joy and satisfaction to all we do. Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”. We can replace the hell we live in with “heaven on earth” by becoming as little children.

In transparency or guilelessness of character. This is a most remarkable characteristic of very young children. It has been said that “children and fools always tell the truth.” The infant mind is a stranger to guile. It has not yet learned to practice duplicity; it has not learned what the thing itself is. Mark that little one; no dodging, no evasion of the truth; no desire to cover up; not yet the first idea of having anything to be covered up;–how guileless and beautiful in his transparent simplicity! No wonder everybody loves such little children. You love them for the same reason, substantially, that you love holiness. It is intrinsically lovely. Their characteristics closely resemble those of the holy in heaven itself.

Next in the list of infantile characteristics, is humility. By this I mean, a willingness to be known and appreciated according to truth. The little child is in this sense humble. He feels no repugnance to being known as he is. He has not once thought of trying to conceal his real character. He is ignorant of almost everything, and he seems very cheerful to assume that such is the fact. Hence, he asks questions of everybody and under any and all circumstances, never anxious lest he should expose his ignorance. Indeed he expects to expose it if he has it, and deems it no harm to do so. He seems to suppose that there can be no objection to being known according to the truth in his case.

Little children are also affectionate. They seem naturally inclined to love. Treat them kindly, and you will not fail to win their young hearts. How easily and spontaneously their warm affections gush forth. Their hearts yearn to bestow their love, they need only see the manifestations of love towards themselves, and they give their hearts, returning love for love without fear. You smile on them; they respond with full and non- suspicious hearts.

Energetic Healing, deep core clearings, surrender to what is are all part of the work that comes through me. You see, I don’t do anything but show up and surrender to Spirit/God. Those were the instructions I received back in 1981 when I had an unexpected awakening experience. When I asked how I can learn to do energy healing, the answer was, “you just need to get your Ego and Personality out of the way, we will do the work through you”. It has been that way ever since.

I have witnessed amazing transformations within the clients who have received this Work: clearing that which blocks one from their own innocence, from playing in life, and being in joy. After receiving this Work, one opens to the sacred essence that is your birthright. This kind of Work requires a courageous commitment to forgiving self and bringing back self-love. You will be guided to shed the “conditioning” that veils your own inner truth, approaching a tender space of appreciation of the mystery of life.